Vice-Chairman's Message

"No life ever grows great
until it is focused,
and disciplined."

Justice Dr. S.P. Pathak

It is a matter of pleasure that the Vidyasthali Law College being oldest and largest college of Law in the capital city has been a true parameter of academic excellence in the arena of legal education.

The continuing activities regarding regular and periodical court visits, Moot-Courts, enthusiastically publication of Vidyasthali Law Journal, lectures by well known legal luminaries, attentive class room teaching, rich library with modern technologies, computer lab, N.S.S. programmes, organizing study tours, extra co-curricular programmes, like debate, drama competition and cultural programmes etc., make this institution really a centre of academic pursuit in the contemporary times.

I further, believe that the responsibility of providing "Success" lies on the institution & guardian of the Student.

Success has to be earned which demands sustained hard work, discipline and confidence. The student should possess, and if need be develop, independent thinking and decision making skills. They should also have leadership skills. They should have strong Indian values & global out look.

At Vidyasthali through our tire less efforts, we provide environment to the students to explore their inquisitiveness and develop general awareness there by developing all the above mentioned qualities to be Success full. Vidyasthali is the right institute to invariably win the success.

In the end, I reassure all the students that they will get quality education in VITSM by our learned, experienced and highly dedicated faculty members.

Wishing you all a grand success.

(Justice Dr. S.P. Pathak)
Vice-Chairman, Vidyasthali Law College,
Former Judge, Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur
Managing Committee