Courses Offered

LL.B. (Three Year Course)

Admission Procedure

  1. A candidate shall apply for admission on the prescribed form and may be required to appear at his own expense for interview before the Principal.
  2. Admission of a student to the College shall be subject to the conditions prescribed by the Ordinances / Rules of the University of Rajasthan adn Bar Council of India.
  3. At the time of submitting his application form the applicant must furnish his T.C. (Original) and attested copies of all documents i.e. Marks-sheet and other certificates. The original must be produced for verification at the time of admission.
  4. Acceptance of application form does not guarantee admission. Admission will be made according to merit drawn on the basis of marks obtained at the qualifying examinations, on number of seats determined by the college as per law which will be notified on the notice board separately.
  5. Admission may be refused to any student by the college without assigning any reason thereof.
  6. No student shall be admitted as regular student after graduation for more than three degrees or nine years as a regular student.
    1. Candidates who are declared failed.
    2. Candidates who are detained from appearing at an examination on account of shortage of attendance.
    3. Candidates who do not take an examination after completing the attendance and thereby could not pass, and
    4. Candidate against whom an F.I.R. has been lodged by the University or any of the Constituent Colleges or any affiliated College or by any other competent Authority / Officer of the University / College or by any person.
    5. Candidate who has been convicted for a criminal offence involving moral turpitude.
    6. Candidate who has indulged himself / herself in a misbehaviour with any teacher or with any authority / official of the University / College.
  8. No student shall be admitted to a course unless he has deposited the fees determined by the college. All fess will be charged at the time admission for 12 months, even from those who are admitted late during the session for whatever reason. Fees once paid shall not be refunded or transferred
  9. No transfer from Vidyasthali Law College to any other Law College and vice-versa shall be allowed in any case. However, Transfer of student from affiliated College outside Jaipur may be allowed in LL.B. II and III year classes for genuine cases of transfer of candidates / parents of the candidates from Central or State Government, Statutory bodies, Government controlled under taking, and Banks, subject to availability of seats.
  10. Admission lists will be put on the notice board of the College from time to time and candidates are required to see the Notice Board for their names. No separate communication will be made to any student in this regard.
  11. The candidates whose are found eligible and stand in merit shall pay the required fee within prescribed time, failing which the offer of admission shall automatically stand withdrawn.
  12. The inclusion of a name in the admission shall not confer any right to be admitted if it is found that the applicant concerned has taken part in any objectionable activity including unfair practice in any University Examination and in consequence of which he has been expelled / restricted from the college or has been subjected to any disciplinary action thereof or is found to have given false information on the basis of which he has been selected for the admission.
  13. The candidates who want admission subsequent to their passing of any other examination of which result is not declared before the last date fixed must apply provisionally.
  14. Concession / Weightage of marks for participation in games and sports, if given to student seeking admission in LL.B. I year class, will be admissible only to step up the position of the candidates in the merit list and will not make them eligible for admission. However, this concession or weightage will be subject to provision of the ordinance, if any, made by the University of Rajasthan / State Government.
  15. Notwithstandin anything contained in the provisions, every candidate shall however, be governed by the rules and regulations framed by the University / College from time to time for the purposed of regulating admission and schemes of examination for various courses.

Papers Prescribed for
LL.B. (Three Year)

LL.B. (First year) Professional
  1. Law of Contract - I (General Principles)
  2. Law of Contract - II (Specific Contracts)
  3. Law of Tort and Consumer Protection
  4. Family Law - I (Hindu Law)
  5. Family Law - II (Mohammedan Law)
  6. Constitutional Law of India
  7. Legal Language and Legal Writing including General English
  8. Legal and Constitutional History of India
  9. Publi Interest Lawyering, Legal Aid, Para-legal Services and Moot Court
    • This paper shall consist of following two parts :
      (a) Practical, Written Paper     80 Marks
      (b) Viva-Voce Examination     20 Marks
LL.B. (Second year) Professional
  1. Jurisprudence
  2. Law of Crimes
  3. The Law relating to Transfer of Property and Easement
  4. Company Law
  5. Public International Law and Human Rights)
  6. Labour Law
  7. Administrative Law
  8. Law of Taxation
  9. Professional Ethics. Bar-Bench Relation and Moot Court.
    • This paper shall consist of following two parts :
      (a) Practical, Written Paper     80 Marks
      (b) Viva-Voce Examination     20 Marks
LL.B. (Third year) Professional
  1. Law of Evidence
  2. Law Relating to Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Justice and Probation of Offenders.
  3. Code of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act.
  4. Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution System
  5. Land Laws
  6. Interpretation of Statutes
  7. Environmental Law
  8. Criminology and Penology
  9. Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing, Pre-trial preparations, Preparation in Trial Proceedings and Moot Court
    • This paper shall consist of following two parts :
      (a) Practical, Written Paper     80 Marks
      (b) Viva-Voce Examination     20 Marks